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At The Finance and Management Business School, protecting and safeguarding our learners is really important to us.

Safeguarding covers:

  • Protecting all learners from harm, regardless of their age, gender, religion or ethnicity.

  • Promoting our learners’ health and development.

  • Taking action to ensure all of our learners are kept safe.

  • Preventing harm to learners including harm such as abuse and bullying.

  • Preventing learners being drawn into terrorism and being radicalised.

  • Ensuring learners are always in a safe environment.

If you have any concerns about your own well-being or safety, or need advice then please contact our safeguarding team immediately

Report a Concern

You should report all safeguarding concerns immediately by emailing


Alternatively, if you are concerned about yourself or somebody else, you can send a message directly here:

Get In Touch

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If you share information with a member of staff, they will treat what you say with confidence.

However, if you or someone else is at risk of any form of abuse, they will follow the company safeguarding procedures, which may include sharing what they have been told with appropriate bodies.

Meet The Team



John Sawbridge (DSL):

Head of IT

Helpful Links and Safeguarding Helplines 

Here at The Finance and Management Business School, we take mental health just as seriously as anyone would do with physical health. We want to ensure that all learners and staff have the best support possible to support them with any problems they may be facing.


Click on the buttons below to find useful links and UK Helplines that are available for you to contact in times of crisis. Whether you are concerned about yourself or someone, these UK support groups are available to offer expert advice.

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