ACCA Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting (Level 3)

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Course Title : ACCA Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting (Level 3)

Is this course right for me?

Whether you are looking for a career in finance, accounting, business, business administration or even want to start your own company, an ACCA Qualification provides multiple pathways to success.

The Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting (Level 3) is aimed at those aspiring to work or already working within accounting administration in a small to large enterprise in private practice, the corporate or public sectors.

Alternatively those performing various roles in financial, cost or management accounting within an accounting department of a larger organisation, or in shared services.

On completion of the course you will be awarded an Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management
Accounting (Level 3).

What qualifications could I achieve?

ACCA offers a pathway to a number of qualifications. These can be gained as you improve your skills and experience:

  • Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting (Level 3)
  • Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting (Level 4)
  • Oxford Brookes BSc Degree
  • Qualified Professional Accountant
  • University of London MSc in Professional Accountancy
  • Oxford Brookes Global MBA

The further you progress through the Qualification the greater your career opportunities.

What can the course lead to?

You can follow the ACCA qualification pathway to professional level. You are also able to complete an undergraduate BSc degree with Oxford Brookes University and an MSc degree with the University of London.

What will I learn?

During this course you will study the following modules:

  • Maintaining Financial Records
  • Managing Costs and Finance

These modules are designed to introduce you to the fundamental principles of accounting and give you techniques to maintain accounting records. You will also start to understand how to present cost information and prepare financial spreadsheets for internal management purposes.

You will also need to complete the Foundations in Professionalism ethics module which helps you develop your understanding of what it means to act professionally and ethically in the workplace.

What skills will I gain?

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Prepare basic financial statements
  • Use double-entry accounting techniques
  • Prepare, process and present basic cost information
  • Measure financial performance using spreadsheets
  • Understand how to support decision-making in a variety of business contexts

Once you have gained these skills you will be able to progress from junior to intermediate accounting administration roles within an accounting department such as a bookkeeper or cost clerk.

How will I be assessed?

These modules are completed via on-demand computer-based exams. You can sit these at any time of the year and your tutor will help you decide when it is right for you. When you are ready for your exams you will be able to take them at your college and receive your results immediately.

You can take on-demand computer-based exams at any time but you will need to make sure that you are registered as a student and that you have your student registration number with you on the day.

For the Foundations in Professionalism module, this is an online, interactive course which can be completed at any time between starting and finishing your Diploma.

What are the entry requirements & how do I enrol?

ACCA does not have any minimum entry requirements to complete this course however you should have a basic knowledge of accountancy, business and finance, or have already taken the Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management (Level 2). If you do not hold this basic knowledge, then you should start with the introductory certificate instead.

There are no lower or upper age restrictions to complete this course and it is suitable for adults as well as school leavers.

For further details you can ring 0121 366 9312 or email Lisa Franks.

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